Professional Court Reporting Solutions with a Personalized Approach

We combine the newest technologies with unparalleled service to provide the tools you need exactly when you need them.

About Regency-Brentano

Our comprehensive suite of technology-driven solutions partnered with our attention to detail gives us an edge in the court reporting industry. Whether you are looking for same-day services in Atlanta or need assistance in remote locations across the country or globe, we have the capabilities to ensure a smooth and successful process.

Our Services

State-of-the-art videoconferencing facilities

Same-day rough drafts/ Daily copy

Digital video in multiple formats

Interactive real-time reporting

Complimentary conference rooms


Text files in multiple formats

Word indexing with all transcripts

Scheduling of qualified reporters for out-of-state depositions

What Our Clients Say

"Litigation is demanding. Emotions run high. Lawyers and witnesses are not always well-behaved, and Murphy’s Law frequently visits. The best court reporters expect the unexpected. A deposition can be a flood, raging in the middle of a wicked tornado and the reporter has to be able to take it all down. I see Regency Brentano reporters, time and time again, avoid getting blown downstream even when they are soaked by the storm."

- L.C.

"What makes RBI superior? The people. We never have to worry. RBI is consistently excellent. Even though we are a small firm, RBI always make us feel like we are their most important client."

- J.T.

"Regency-Brentano is a team player, in your corner doing what they can do to make scheduling easier. The reporters are always on time or even early and produce accurate transcripts with a short turnaround. It is one aspect of my daily duties that I never have to stress over or worry it won’t be done right."

- B.G.

"Atlanta is blessed with many good court reporters. What matters most is professionalism and congeniality, excellence and accuracy, reliability and dependability, and flexibility. In my 35 years as an attorney, I have found one agency is excellent all the time. They demonstrate these qualities every time. And that agency is Regency-Brentano."

- B.N.

Nationwide Scheduling

While Regency-Brentano prides itself on being an institution within Atlanta’s legal community, the firm likewise has full capability to meet clients’ needs anywhere across the United States and, indeed, anywhere on the planet.

Whether you’re headed to Seattle or San Antonio, whether you’ll be in San Francisco or San Juan, whether your work takes you to Boston or Bucharest … Regency-Brentano will take care of your every need. From court reporting to legal video to arrangement of conference rooms, we’ll handle every detail at the same level of client service and professionalism to which you’re accustomed here in Atlanta.