Immaculate Transcripts You Can Depend On

At Regency-Brentano not only do our reporters consume themselves with the quality of our transcripts, but we engage in a three-step system of quality control that ensures every transcript achieves the highest possible standard: Perfection.

Step 1: We hire only the best court reporters

Our court reporters are Atlanta’s best for a simple reason – we won’t hire anyone who doesn’t meet our standard.

Step 2: Retain the best court reporters

Most of our reporters have been with Regency-Brentano for decades. Having such a consistent team following the same processes yields consistent results.

Step 3: Obsess over the details

We don’t just commit ourselves to accuracy. We listen and determine which delivery channels make the most sense for our clients. Our production system ensures that every Regency-Brentano transcript arrives to you with a consistent, meticulous level of quality with a turnaround time that matches your exacting needs.

You name it. We can do it.