State-of-the-Art Videoconferencing Facilities

We offer multiple videoconference rooms enabled with state-of-the-art equipment that is dependable and effective. HD capabilities provided in our studios eliminate the need for travel expenses and provide clear and quality communication. Whether you are looking for a long-term partner or a last-minute solution, we provide dependable technology you need for success.


Interactive real-time reporting

Interactive real-time court reporting allows our clients to instantly view live translation as the proceeding is in progress. This can be viewed on a laptop or tablet. At the end of the proceeding, a rough draft transcript will be available for review before the final transcript is completed.


Text Files in Multiple Formats

In order to best serve you, our text files are easily manipulated and imported into your program applications. Have a specific request? We can make it happen.


Same-day rough drafts/ Daily Copy

Need a same-day rough draft? No problem. We’ll provide an unedited document in electronic format while the court reporter proofreads and finalizes the certified transcript.

With our Daily Copy Service, you’ll receive a final transcript the same day as the deposition or proceeding takes place.


Complimentary Conference Rooms

Need space to prepare for a meeting? How about a place to host a meeting? Either way, we’ve got you covered. We offer complimentary, full-service conference rooms that enable you to accomplish your work with no distractions.


Word Indexing with All Transcripts

Our word indexing allows you to identify and view every instance of specific words you need to locate by page and line number by utilizing the hyperlink operation. This easy-to-use function enables you to expedite your work.


Digital Video Copies

We’ll provide you with necessary video copies of depositions and proceedings in your choice of multiple file formats.



All transcripts are automated to be delivered in various electronic formats. We’ll send them in ASCII, .PTX, and .PDF, allowing you to review and import transcripts into all software programs seamlessly.


Qualified Referrals for Out-of-State Depositions

Need to secure reporting services while you’re out of town? We’ve developed a network of relationships all over the country that are ready to provide top-tier service. Need us to make the trip with you? We can make that happen.